A quirky bar and bonhomie featuring food that’s sure to get you hooked, we aren’t just a restaurant, we’re a whole darn vibe! Serving fun Indian street and flashy food in a whole new avatar, we’re easy on your pockets and heavily wicked on your tastebuds! Born, conceptualized, and booming in the buzzing Singaporean landscape, we’re the perfect place to zhuzh up your meals, with a zingy dash of Masalaa!

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About The Chef

The Curator Himself: Chef Milind Sovani

If you’ve been seeing us on social media, hearing about us via the media, or obsessing over our food already, you’ve got this dude to thank! Chef Milind Sovani, with his 35 years worth of stunning culinary experience, has managed to curate this fun, young gastro bar thanks to his sheer versatility and zest for gastronomy!

“I’ve Learned More in The Kitchens Than In Any Classroom” – The Godfather, nay, Chef Milind

With a firebrand desire to take Indian cuisine to newer, global heights, whilst shedding its a stereotypical image, Chef Milind has added a charm to the Indian culinary avenues in Singapore, over the past 18 years. Winner of a multitude of global recognitions, and the mastermind behind Asia’s first Indian Michelin Star Restaurant, Chef Milind has developed custom-curated dishes and drinks that are quirky, fun, and totally Instagram- worthy, without being heavy on the pockets!

To get in touch with our celebrity chef, or to catch a glimpse of what goes on in his exceptional culinary adventure, catch him here:

The Yum Stuff / Khana Always Comes First! Wahhh, This Food Is So Shiok Mah!

Daru Sab Peete Hain, Hum Thodi Jyada Peete Hain. Legit Translation: Everyone drinks, we just happen to do it a little more!

We’re taking your house parties to a whole new level with a specially curated MB menu that’s guaranteed to get your guests hooked!!